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Rapport från träningsläger i Ungern

The first event of 2012 for Hungarian Wado-Kai Federation was the Wado-weekend, when we practiced karate from Friday to Sunday. Our Swedish friends took part and we trained a lot together on the Seminar.

We practiced the Official JKF Wado-Kai examination formula on the trainings. Kihon, kata, kihon kumite and basic technics were the lesson on the weekend. During the practice, we recalled Takagi sensei's, Kohata sensei's and Bob sensei's advices, and teaching methods and we tried to give it to the students.

When we didn't train, we spent the time with the Swedish team having lunch or dinner, in a very good mood. At Sunday, after the last training we ended the Seminar with Dan-examination. The hard training brought the result from the examiners. Everyone took a successful exam, and went home with a higher JKF Dan degree.

The examiners:
1. dan: Bessie Lundmark, Thomas Lindberg, Marcus Johansson, Jörgen Johansson
2. dan: Henrik Hansson, Johan Ossa, Lotta Keto, Nándor Daróczi
3. dan: Robin Ohlsson

Källa/Source: Hungarian Wado-Kai Federation

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