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Aktivitet: Seminarium med Bob Nash, 7:e dan
Ort/plats: Bällstabergshallen, Vallentuna
Från: 2014-03-07, kl. 18:00
Till: 2014-03-09, kl. 16:00

Day           Date              Time               Level
Friday         7 March        18:00-21:00    5th kyu & up
Saturday    8 March        11:00-17:00    5th kyu & up
Sunday       9 March        10:00-16:00    5th kyu & up

This training course is open to anyone holding 5th kyu or higher

The fee is 650 SEK

Place: Bällstabergshallen, Vallentuna – Svampskogsvägen 28, click here for map.

In order to attend to the course you need to register by clicking this link.

For recommended hotel email Lotta Keto - kelotta1@gmail.com


Sensei Nash 

Bob Nash has been teaching Wado karate for the past twenty years in different parts of
the world. He is from Tokyo and currently holds a 7th dan from the JKF Wadokai and
the USA National Karatedo Federation.
Bob Nash firmly believes that in order to understand the genius of Ohtsuka Sensei the
first thing the Wado student must do is have a firm grasp of the kihon (fundamentals) of Wado.

Without an understanding of kihon the student cannot engage in correct movement.
Without correct movement the techniques of Ohtsuka Sensei can never be understood
in its proper context. Much of the seminar will be spent on teaching correct kihon, body movement and theory of Wado.

Everything we take for granted in Wado will be reexamined from a martial perspective.
Many people give the analogy that Bob Nash ́s seminars are comparable to graduate
studies in Wado. A simple technique like junzuki is taught not as a technique for kyu
students but taught at a level that must be understood by higher dan grades. All kihon,
kata and kihon kumite are reexamined and reevaluated at a higher technical level.

The techniques of Wado are endlessly deep and he is certain that by the end of the
seminar the participant will have a new appreciation for the depth and genius of Hironori
Ohtsuka, the founder of Wado