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Training and grading in England

A large group of member representating the Korona Wadokai network participated the weekend 27-29th september in the JKF-Wadokai Masters Course in Leicester, England. Instructors from Japan where Mr Hideho Takagi 8th Dan, Mr Chiaki Shimamoto 8th Dan, Mr Masamichi Shinohara 8th Dan, Mr Masohito Kitagawa 8th Dan, Mr Koichi Shimura 7th Dan, Mr Tamaki Sonoda 7th Dan, Mr Yoshinorio Matsui Chairman of the Board of Directors.

During the seminar there where held dan and instructor gradings and the results for the Korona team where;
Lotta Keto 5th dan, Jörgen Linde Johansson 5th dan, Bessie Lundmark 3rd dan, Henrik Edin 2nd dan, Josephine Sjöberg 2nd dan, Patric Sporrong 1st dan.

Jörgen Linde Johansson and Lotta Keto passed the 3 Kyu Instructors grading and Jörgen also as Kata Referee.

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Published 2013-10-10, 16:53
Updated 2013-10-10, 16:53