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Training and dan grading in Vallentuna

There where several people from different clubs participating in the Korona seminar in Vallentuna, Sweden last weekend.
Guest instructor sensei Ulf Klar taught many of the kihons, kihongumite and kata, including Naihanchi, Pinan Yondan and Pinan Godan.

Sunday May 25 there where held the first dan grading by Korona Wadokai, the panel consisted of Johan Ossa, Lotta Keto and Jörgen Linde Johansson for Shodan. For Nidan Ulf Klar joined. In total 23 people tried for 1st and 2nd dan. See photos from the seminar. Results from the grading.

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Published 2014-05-29, 13:17
Updated 2014-05-29, 13:17